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A glass jar with a carrier oil

Carrier Oils

A skin care oil that can be applied to the skin undiluted or neat.  They are commonly used to dilute essential oils before aromatherapy massage or general skin application.  Named after their ability to "carry" essential oils to the skin.

Each base oil has its own unique properties which are produced using a cold-pressed or maceration method.  Carrier oils do not evaporate and should be used in a natural, unadulterated state.

Two bottles of essential oils

Essential Oils

Highly concentrated plant compounds produced after pressing or distillation.  Named after their ability to carry the distinctive essence or fragrance of the plant they are made from. Used primarily in aromatherapy. 

Some essential oils are used for their aroma while others including peppermint and cinnamon are used in flavoring.  Also, essential oils, such as lemon, are used in preparing household cleaners.

Essential oils have a specific Latin name or botanical name that distinguishes a common name as well as the varieties of the plant.

A bottle with an herb infused carrier oil

Herbal-Infused Oils

Herbal-infused oils are commonly used as the main ingredient in natural beauty recipes.  Custom formulations can be achieved by infusing a carrier oil with fresh or dried herbs.  Experiment and discover the many healing and curative properties of herbs.

Please click here to review a list of beneficial herbs to use for your infused oil.

When infusing, choose a carrier oil with a longer shelf life such as jojoba or olive oil and dried herbs to minimize the risk of rancidity.