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Carrier Oils

A base oil or fixed oil that is used for diluting essential oils before skin application.  Most carrier oils are produced from vegetables, seeds, and nuts and are frequently used during massage therapy.  An excellent moisturizer as well as transporter of essential oil benefits.

Essential Oils

Most people start by using single essential oils and learn to combine them to make synergy blends.  

Essential Oils falls within the following categories (example included):

Citrus (C) - Lemon

Earthy (E) - Patchouli

Floral (F) - Rose

Herbaceous (H) - Basil

Medicinal (C) - Eucalyptus

Minty (M) - Spearmint

Oriental (O) - Ginger

Spicy (S) - Cardamom

Woodsy (W) - Pine

When you start to blend essential oils keep the following in mind:

  • Oils in the same category blend well together
  • All oils blend well with (W)
  • (F)+ blends well with (S) and (W)
  • (C) and (F) blend well with (S)
  • (W), (H), (E), and (C) blend well with (M)


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Thank you to all that have contributed their time and passion to this subject matter. Our reference material is listed alphabetically by author's name.

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A-D Products

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) Essential Oil

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Reference Book Summary

Reference Book Summary